Research the birth as much as the pram…

Research the birth as much as the pram…

This first blog is dedicated to those who have reached the point in their pregnancy when they are starting to think about the birth.

The big announcement has been made, the 20 week scan has showed every thing is going ok, they are researching car seats and prams. And slowly; the realisation that this miracle, this tiny human, will be making an appearance in the next few months. And so, now is the time to start thinking about the birth and how you would like to birth this baby.

Hypnobirthing doesn’t give you any magic potions, it doesn’t guarantee a pain free straight forward birth; but what it will do is empower you, give you confidence and self belief so you can prepare for the most wonderful and life affirming moment of your life.

Birth is powerful, it requires physical and mental strength, it is instinctive and is a beautiful harmonious moment between mum, dad and baby.

So whilst you are reading Which reviews of the best travel system and asking friends which ones they would recommend. Spend as much time researching the birth, what would you like, who could help you achieve it, what will be happening inside your body and how you can help it be as effective as possible. Ask friends and family for positive stories about child birth and what worked for them.

I know hypnobirthing works; my births were powerful but not painful (but we all have different pain thresholds anyway) as a self confessed control freak, I needed to understand birth and what would happen, hypnobirthing armed me with knowledge and I felt confident to have my first baby at home with very little help from the midwife.

Have a look at hypnobirthing, research the teachers that offer courses and see if it and they fit with you. Having a baby changes your life, whether it is your first or your fourth; let’s make this change positive and joyful!!

Lots of Love


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